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I'm taking this medication to prevent premature delivery. With EVERY injection, I have gotten a debilitating migraine, not to mention soul-crushing depression. With no other options, I have to stay on the medication until I reach 32 weeks.
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I've been taking this medication for a year now and was hoping I'd get used to it but no luck. It did initially help with the wicked menstrual cramps I'd get on day 2 (vomiting from pain) but I can't take enough of it due to the side effects. I can only take it on the weekend, then it ruins my whole weekend. I feel tired, dizzy, can't think clearly, clumsy, and kinda drunk. It also stays in my system a really long time, 24-36 hour half life so I'm drunk and dizzy for that long. Bummer because it doesn't make me feel nauseous at all, like the pill does. Still, I may try the birth control pill instead. Can't really function on this and not sure I should be driving, much less working on it.

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